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Calendar & School Day

The CCA calendar and school hours are designed to maximize a well-rounded educational experience for all students while exceeding state requirements. The calendar also reflects our commitment to CCA families and our Christian holidays in the prioritization of Christmas and Easter as well as our Thanksgiving break.

School Hours
The school day will run 8:00 am – 2:45pm.


Aftercare is provided at CCA until 5:45 pm on all scheduled school days. The cost for aftercare is $325/child per month. Parents must pick up at CCA; no transportation will be provided. Drop-in care is not offered.

Bus Service

Bus service to and from CCA is provided by Virginia Rides.

The bus service is a non-refundable, annual agreement payable either in full or in 10 monthly installments through FACTS. The per-student cost is $2,000 for two-way service (AM and PM) and $1,300 for one-way service (AM or PM only). A $500 deposit is required per student if using the monthly payment plan. Please contact CCA Admissions for current availability.

Bus service is currently provided between CCA and the following locations:

• Cornerstone Chapel
• Purcellville
• South Riding


GoKid is a third-party carpool program that connects parents of CCA students. Parents can set up carpools, manage driving schedules, optimize routes, and seamlessly follow their child’s transit through the app. CCA will notify families when registration is open.

Meal Service

CCA utilizes My Hot Lunchbox meal ordering service. My Hot Lunchbox works with local, high-quality restaurants to deliver hot, fresh meals. CCA will notify families when registration is open.


CCA utilizes SchoolPass to manage the arrival, screening, and departure of students, visitors, and staff throughout the school day. SchoolPass also empowers staff to account for everyone on campus quickly and accurately, especially during an emergency. Parents can seamlessly report absences, dismissal changes, update authorized pickup personnel, register for events, and breeze through carline and school screening through the app. CCA will notify families when registration is open.


The Cornerstone Christian Academy Lands’ End uniform shop may be accessed below.

Required items are listed below; all other items are optional at this time. Additional dress codes and grooming standards are provided in our student handbook. All items must be purchased through CCA’s uniform shop on the Lands’ End website and include approved CCA logos.

  • Boys: Polo shirt and pants (shorts are not permitted for chapel and are only permitted during authorized seasons)
  • Girls: Polo shirt and skirt or pants; K-2 girls may purchase the jumper option
  • PE uniform: required for grades 5-8


school information

CCA is a covenant school with an evangelistic heart.

CCA is a ministry of Cornerstone Chapel, but attendance at Cornerstone Chapel is not required. Families should regularly attend a Bible-based church.

CCA is pleased to be a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and is pursuing accreditation through their program. ACSI is a highly regarded Christian accreditation program. Accreditation with ACSI engages schools in a vigorous, holistic process of organizational appraisal and improvement that engages every school constituent. Every step in the accreditation process is designed to be useful for driving improvement in private schools so they can truly flourish. Accreditation assesses a school’s performance in foundational areas of Christian education: Bible knowledge and Biblical worldview, academic excellence, life skills and practical application of knowledge, and character building and spiritual formation.

CCA will also pursue accreditation through Cognia.

School hours are 8:00 am-2:45 pm.

CCA does not follow any local public school district calendar. Priority is to give ample time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. CCA will make independent weather-related closure/delay decisions.

CCA opened in the fall of 2023 as a K-8th school. CCA plans to add 9th grade in the fall of 2024, with the intention of eventually offering K-12th.

Students must be five years old by September 30 of the year they enter kindergarten and able to care for their restroom needs independently.

Class sizes will be determined to maximize student success and optimize enrollment.

CCA will offer catered meal service at an additional cost. Families will be required to pre-order meals or students may bring their own lunch.

CCA will offer roundtrip transportation between Cornerstone Chapel and CCA at an additional cost.

CCA plans to offer after care at an additional cost.

Technology is a valuable tool for our students when kept in the proper perspective.

CCA plans to utilize technology to enhance learning, but students will not be issued devices.

CCA students will wear uniforms. Uniforms will be purchased separately through a third-party vendor.

Yes, CCA will offer an online program for grades 5th-12th beginning in the fall of 2023. CCA will not offer a hybrid program at this time.

Parents are the foremost educators in their children’s lives. CCA will seek to strengthen, encourage, and support parents, serving families as an asset and an ally.

CCA will be mindful of each student’s needs, but the school will not be allergen-free or offer specialized meal options.

The Bible is the Word of God, without error, and the lens through which we view and determine all matters of education and life. It permeates every aspect of CCA. CCA will utilize a unique, classically influenced curriculum infused with a Biblical worldview.

Through robust offerings in academics, the arts, athletics, and more, an education at CCA is focused on Calling Prep. Students will have the opportunity to explore, discover, experience, and cultivate their unique callings, and enjoy the fulfillment and freedom of living in God’s purposes for their lives.

CCA plans to offer music and arts programs, foreign languages, health/physical education, and STEM-based learning opportunities.

The heart behind CCA’s approach to special needs is to build out an extensive special needs program to accommodate and provide a strong, Biblically-based Christian education for as many students as possible. With that goal in mind, our plan as we start in 23-24 is to offer limited special needs support as we build that program, in order to do all that we do with excellence.

CCA will offer classes to challenge students and meet the needs of students working above grade level.

CCA plans to offer robust opportunities for community service, mission trips and community engagement. Community service will be a graduation requirement.

CCA will be offering a rigorous academic program in our classrooms everyday that will allow us to limit the amount of homework necessary. This homework philosophy aligns with our value of prioritizing family and allowing your kids to be kids.

We encourage you to pray about whether CCA is the right partner for educating your child(ren) and listen to God’s calling on your heart.

athletics & extracurricular activities

CCA plans to offer middle school athletic programs, clubs and extracurricular activities. Students will also be offered the opportunity to participate in leadership activities.


A non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application submission.

  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade: $250 (fee includes entrance testing).
  • 2nd – 4th grade: $100 application fee (an additional $125 ISSE entrance exam fee is required and payable directly to ISSE).
  • 5th – 8th grade: $100 application fee (an additional $150 ISSE entrance exam fee is required and payable directly to ISSE).
The application fee is required for every applicant.
We understand the challenges associated with making this level of financial investment in your child’s education. We encourage you to prayerfully consider your circumstances and to determine the best course of action for your family. CCA is “admissions blind” and makes enrollment decisions independent of financial aid requests. Each family will need to look at their finances and determine if they can make this investment. Following your financial aid decision, you will have 5 days to finalize your enrollment decision.
  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade: Applicants will schedule testing that will be administered by our admissions office. The cost for testing is included in the $250 application fee.
  • 2nd-8th Grade: Applicants will take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at Cornerstone Chapel.
  • The cost for ISEE testing is $125 (2nd-4th Grade) and $150 (5th-8th Grade).
  • Applicants can register and pay for testing at CCA will notify applicants when testing dates open.

CCA tests applicants to ensure we can meet the needs of students and families prior to enrollment.

An admissions panel will evaluate each applicant on the following criteria: partnership and alignment with CCA’s mission, values and beliefs; strong recommendations; and acceptable entrance testing scores.

Yes, every applicant is required to submit a pastoral reference who can attest to the applicant’s walk with the Lord.

If your child attends Cornerstone Children’s or Middle School Ministry, you can send your recommendation requests to Pastor Ken or Pastor Barrett. If not, you can send your request to a pastor who is familiar with your child’s attendance at church and/or church activities.

If you are a homeschool parent, please complete the forms from the perspective of the recommender. If you are part of a homeschool co-op, anyone with current/recent experience educating your child may provide the required references.
CCA will follow the same standards for admission for siblings who are not yet school age. Priority will be given to existing families if their new applicant meets the requirements.

Applicants will be notified if space becomes available after admissions decisions are made. If a student is not enrolled this year, he/she may reapply next year.

CCA plans to hold an open house in the spring of 2023.

Each family is required to interview with our admissions committee. This allows our team to spend one-on-one time with both parents and prospective students (students in grades 5th-8th will participate in family interviews) The interview serves both parents and faculty to gauge a school-life balance and alignment. After that meeting, the admissions committee will determine if an offer of enrollment will be presented. The offer will be communicated to the family via email.

We are so glad you are excited about CCA! CCA does not maintain future waitlists. Applicants are encouraged to apply when they become eligible.
tuition and fees
CCA is not offering any additional discounts at this time. Consideration will be given through our financial aid process based on need.
  • CCA will use FACTS to assist with financial aid assessments. FACTS provides a consistent approach to determining a family’s tuition needs. Families should provide financial information as well as responses to questions that provide the financial aid committee a view of the family’s overall need.
  • Families must apply each year for financial aid consideration.
  • Admissions decisions are made independent of financial needs.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the tuition rate/student is due with signed contracts to secure enrollment.
  • Families will have five days following the financial aid decision to cancel their enrollment and receive a full deposit refund if the financial aid package is not sufficient.

For additional questions, e-mail: